INMET Konstrukcje Sp. z o.o.

Lisowczyków 38A
25-138, Kielce
woj. świętokrzyskie
Tel: (41) 366 06 75
NIP: 9591761119

Zakład Produkcyjny

Hubalczyków 30
25-668, Kielce
woj. świętokrzyskie
Tel: (41) 366 06 75

About our company



Company established in 2006


Leading manufacturer of steel moulds in Poland



        The INMET Konstrukcje company is a leading manufacturer of the steel forms in Poland. On the basis of individualised projects the company manufactures modern and complex steel forms for the prefabrication of concrete, polymer concrete, reinforced concrete and compressed elements. We make our forms both, from the structural metal sheet and rustless metal sheet with the option of a hydraulic and air disbanding. We manufacture relatively small and big forms as well, practically without any dimension limitations, according to the structural documentation of the ordering client or completely according to the own conception, on the base of the client’s prefabricated elements drawing. Inmet Structures takes on 30 to 40 high-qualified and experienced employees. We have a big experience in creating forms for all-seater stadium (Stadiums for Euro 2012), bridges, rail, mine shafts (to 1000m deep) and other steel constructions.